Hunger in Africa

Emelia Gamez


  • Every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger, 75% of them are children.
  • 842 million people are undernourished
  • One in eight people are undernourished
  • Food insecurity exists in every country in America.
  • A lot of Americans (49 million) struggle to feed their family

World hunger has always been a problem, although now that we have better technology and our economy is growing we are able to do more, much more. Unforchantly not all of us are. Here in the US we would rather spend our money on fancy purses rather than help out people in other places struggling to feed there family. Maybe, because we don't know how little they have, and can't imagine what they go through.

Africa has most of the hungriest countries and their economy is struggling. If we help them

about half of world hunger would be solved. Easier said than done though.

Poverty Map

Yellow- less than 360

Orange- 360-1,839

Dark orange- 1,840-3,989

Red- 3,990-12,499

Brown- 12,500 or more

Gray- no data

Hungriest Countries

In 2013 they looked at the top ten hungriest countries. Out of the ten, nine of them were from Africa. They were...

  • Burundi
  • Eritrea
  • Comoros
  • Sudan
  • Chad
  • Yemen
  • Ethiopia
  • Madagascar
  • Zambia

Some of the Hungirest Parts in Africa

What Americans Eat

Average Calories- 2,640 for men, 1,785 for women

How many are hungry- 49.1 million Americans live in food insecure households (14% of households)

6.8 million (6% of households) have very low food security

The poor in the U.S. would be considered pretty healthy in Africa

Ways to stop


In 2011, 675 million kg of food was wasted, that could have feed so many people and saved so many lives.

  • Try not to waste food.
  • Have leftovers more often.
  • Put an empty plate at the table to remind you that some people won't get diner.
  • Save up your money to by food for unforchinate people.
  • Tell other people to do the same.
  • Go to Africa or somewhere where they don't get a lot of food, so you can see the problem in person. You will probably be more motivated to help out.

Not a lot to us

$10 isn't a lot to us but it can feed a hungery child for 10 days.

$15 provides fresh, clean baby care

$25 can feed a person for a month

$150 can feed a family of six for a month

$335 gives tools to twelve farmers

Lutheran World Relief's Feeding 5,000 Challenge gives food to 5,000 people and only costing $4,150, that's less than a dollar per person.

Programs Helping

  • Stop Hunger Now
  • The Hunger Sight
  • Sodexo Foundation
  • No Kid Hungery Campain
  • End of Hunger
  • US Hunger Relief Ceremony
World Hunger - UNICEF