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Online course expectations

One of the most important keys for success in an online course is to stay up-to-date on assignments. If students fall behind in an online course, they must work twice as hard to not only get caught up, but also to complete the current work.

  • To help students stay on pace, each module will have a pacing guide. The pacing guide is a recommended daily list of activities to help students complete each module by the due date.
  • Daily announcements are posted in the course and will include the recommended activities to complete for the day, as well as valuable learning information.
  • Late Work Penalties - Most work can be submitted for reduced credit after the deadline. The exception to this is discussion forums, which must be completed the week they are due.

Students are expected to work in the course 5 days/week, 60-90 minutes per day. Like a regular face-to-face course, they may need to work outside of regularly scheduled school time to stay up-to-date on assignments, which may include evenings and weekends.

Module Due Dates and Holidays

  • Our course is divided up into modules, with a total of 16 modules. Most modules are 1-week long, with a few being 2-week modules. Below is a list of each module and the due dates.
  • Please note that NCVPS does NOT extend modules for student holidays. If a student expects to miss school, he/she should work in advance to submit all required work for a module by the due dates as outlined below. Friday, April 14 is the only NCVPS holiday scheduled this semester.
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Tutoring and Extra Help

  • Although I have set office hours several times per week, I am available to assist students much more than these, and will respond to all questions within 24 hours during the week. (Students will attest it is usually much less than 24 hours!)
  • If students need help during a time when I am not available, NCVPS operates a Peer Tutoring Center, which can be accessed through our course's main page and clicking on the link to the Peer Tutoring Center.

Revision and Remediation

  • Students receive personalized, individualized feedback on assignments they complete. They are encouraged to review, revise and resubmit assignments for a higher grade, if indicated in the feedback.
  • Students have one opportunity to take the exams at the end of each module. If they do not pass, they will have an opportunity to complete a module remediation, in which they may earn back up to 10% on their test grade.

Midterm and Final Exam

  • Students will have a midterm test halfway through the course which counts as one test grade.
  • There will be a final exam the last week of the course. The final exam is worth 25% of the final grade in the course. NCVPS has a policy that all students must take the final exam, even if their face-to-face school offers exemptions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via text, email or phone!

Mrs. Allison Crawford, NBCT
Instructional Leader, Anatomy Teacher
North Carolina Virtual Public Schools