stop cyberbullying

stop it now!

what is cyberbullying

cyberbullying is when you have like a facebook or a instagram and someone is bugging you or someone is posting something mean, like lies and stuff that isn't true . they just hurt you online.

examples of cyberbullying

  • over text messages, over social media, and around your school with rumors

three differences between cyberbullying and bullying

cyberbullying... its over a screen, they cant touch you, and it can spread faster.....bullying is when it gets physical,they can do what they want, and mostly dont spread fast.

effects of cyberbullying

suicide...grades go down...poor selfesteam...quit school...poor attendence

prevention & awareness

  • the parents can monitor there kids computer....have time limits online...let the parents watch their kids while their on social media... the parents make their own profile...the parents can make their own profile and add/follow their kids.

establishing rules

  • Dont add just anyone...check their profile to see if its real...Dont be stupid and dont be mean on socialmedia.

reporting a cyberbully

  • shut down there profile...dont look and your profile when its shut down...and report to the law.

report to your online service provider

  • contact them online... or you can talk to the law in person.

report to your local law enforcement

  • saying you did stuff you didn't do... posting bad or mean pics of you...getting everyone involved at school.

report to your school

schools can help with cyberbullying because the person that is bullying that goes there so they can get them in trouble...they can also keep you safe from cyberbullying.