How will our population look like in 2060?


The purpose of this report is to increase the readers knowledge about Canada's current population and many more things such as Canadian birth rate, death rate, and what will Canada look like in the future. it will also increase your knowledge about the aboriginals in Canada.

Where do people come from? (what countries)

Every year around 250,000 new immigrants come to Canada. The top 10 countries that the new immigratns come from are United Kingdom, China, India, Philliphines, Italy, United States, Hong Kong, Germany and Poland.

where will people come from in 2060? (which countries)

The number of immigrants canada will have in the future depends on a lot of things such as the world war, naturals disaters and other crisis around the world or positive changes in their home country. Today most immigrants come from Asia and Europe, In my opinion there would be a massive rise in immigrants from Asian countries mainly India and Pakistan. The reason could be a war which would eventually turn into WW3 as other countries will intervene and Allies will be formed. India - Pakistan have been in several conflicts since there Independence in 1947 from the British Empire. There has been constant failure of Diplomatic talks at International level to resolve all the issues and sign a treaty for a new beginning. The wars/battles have been fought on front lines most often but a revolution has been introduced such as secret operations carried by undercover officers crossing the borders and damaging country's reputation and civil system also cause riots among civilians based on religion/caste. Therefore a significant rise in immigrants from India/Pakistan shall take place, whether they will be refugees, landed immigrants, entrepreneurs, scholars, students or skilled workers. So I think this is on the cards in the near future.
What Canada will look like in 2063

what are the pull factors?

The pull factors for immigrants to canada currently are; canada has lots of economic opportunities, a high standard of living, a universal health care system, a low crime rate, and the opportunity to succeed in one's desired field.

what will be the pull factors in 2060?

The pull factors for immgrants to Canada in 2060 will be; human rights, good education system, good health care system, great standard of living, no war and conflicts taking place in the region will the most important aspect.

what are the push factors?

The push factors for immigrants at the moment are; Less developed economy, poor living conditions, high unemployment rate, high crime rate, Poor health care system, civil war zones, poor education structure.

what will be the push factors in 2060?

The push factors for immigrants in 2060 will be; wars and conflicts, bad education system, bad health care system, bad living standard, civil war zones, really high crime rate.

Canadian Birth Rate Now and in 2060

The current canadian birth rate is 1.61 children per women but in the future the birth rate will decrease by a lot, since a lot of people in todays soicety are not having children instead are saving money for themselves and have a better life. Another reason could be the introduction of birth control methods which gives couples an opportunity to decide whether or not to have a child. Furthermore postsecondary students are highly ambitious so they decide to study from top ranked universities to compete in the job market, they grow old (males/females) and their fertility rates decrease when they finally decide to have children with their partner.

canadian death rate now and in 2060

The current Canadian death rate is 7 which is pretty good in comparison to other countries around the world, but to predict the future death rate depends on a lot of things such as more diseases, natural disasters and lastly wars and conflicts if any take place. It could also be the the other way around like cures are found for some life threatening diseases in order to save lives.

What are the problems that the aboriginal people facing?

Some of the problems that the aboriginal people are facing are poorer health care compared to non aboriginals, less education, low income, more chances of dying young because of the low education and the chance of losing their social status for being an aboriginal.


The current aboriginal population is around 1.4 million. which doesn't seem a lot but in the last decade or so the aboriginal population has increased rapidly. the birth rate has out grown rapidly since most of the aboriginals now are not getting a education which is resulting in no birth control. the death rate is high since the live expectancy is around 50 which is really bad because of many factors one could be since a lot of aboriginals are not getting a education. which is one the biggest reasons that they are dying by diseases such as malaria, heart disease and diabetes.

Final Statement.

In conclusion, it is clearly in sight that there are existing issues in the countries where the immigrants are coming from. They either are looking for further opportunities or a stable life. They also desire to grow financially instead of just thinking about their basic survival or safety all the time.