Code Club

Come learn how to write computer programs

Join our coding club

Started on Friday 1st November this is a club for people who want to make computers do something

Every Friday lunchtime in D5

Bring your lunch in and start straight away at 12:30

Some of the languages you might learn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can come?

A: All year groups are welcome although those who are thinking of taking GCSE computing next year are strongly encouraged to come

Q: How will I learn?

A: You will follow step-by-step tutorials and have help from Miss Gardiner. As we progress you will help others to learn.

Q: I missed the first few sessions can I start late?

A: Everyone is welcome to come whenever they wish and as you learn at your own pace you will not be missing out on any important skills.

Q: Will we be learning the same as in our ICT lessons?

A: Some things will be the same but most of it will be new.

Any more questions?

Speak to Miss Gardiner or your ICT teacher