OAA BootCamp

Time to start thinking about the "Test"

The Countdown Has Begun

The "New" OAA BootCamp will be ready to launch January 6th, 2014. DSD Professional Development has spent time modifying and improving the BootCamps. This year, we have created 3 Tiered Learning Studios for all of the Small Groups, Technology, and Independent stations. The OAA BootCamps also included interactive SmartBoard lessons for the 2014 test prep program.

Buy One Get One Free

Buy the Math BootCamp and Receive the Language Arts BootCamp for Free

Hurry this deal won't last much longer. We believe in our program so much that we are willing to give you one section of the BootCamp for free. Take a look at the sample lesson plans, resources, and online activities at our OAABootCamp website.

DSD Professional Development

DSD Professional Development has been helping to raise test scores across the State of Ohio for the last four years. Contact us today to find out how you can help your students prepare for the OAA test in a fun, hands-on, interactive, and data driven BootCamp.