Food Stylist Wanted

For SE Magazine

All abou a Food Stylist

Responsibilities: Arranging food so that is looks fresh and tasty, cooking and preparing the food before styling it, also preparing it for a photo or video/film. Working with food photographers.

Skills and/or Personal Characteristics for this job:


-passionate about what they do and passionate about food in general

-love to cook and be great at it

-have an eye for little details

-started out as a chef or cook


Training and/or Education required:

-culinary arts degree

-taken some courses and seminars to learn tricks and techniques

-worked under an experienced food stylist

Working Environment: Working long hours with a team consisting of photographers, art directors, and the clients who are paying for the photos or film of the food.

Salary: Getting paid will vary on how good you are.

Annual Salary- $33,000 to $40,890.

Food Styling 101