RVHS Newsletter

Friday 1/28/21

Message From The Principal

Hello Rancho Vista family,

It has been quite the busy month. After Rancho Strong Week, we have buckled down attending classes, learning and earning credits the last three weeks. Our newest students seem to have acclimated well and have been terrific additions to our tribe.

Recently, our teachers spent time looking at student grades and credits earned from first semester. There is an amazing correlation between student success and student attendance. We understand how challenging the pandemic has been and remain empathetic to individual students and their situations.

From a teacher perspective, the pandemic has had many challenges. In addition to the challenges of learning new delivery tools such as Canvas and Zoom, they have missed the very thing that energizes them to come to school everyday... seeing students.

Students, please make every effort possible to attend your synchronous class meetings. Turn your cameras on and engage with your teachers.

We got this!

Mr. D

Credit #1 Ends on February 5.

Credit #1 ends on 2/5

Credit #2 ends on 3/5

Credit #3 ends on 4/16

Credit #4 ends on 5/12

Credit #5 ends on 6/4

February Is Black History Month

Black History Month means honoring the challenges so many African-American men and women faced, educating society on the challenges they still face, and celebrating the challenges they've overcome.


If you need to pick up or drop off books or a device to Ms.Cammie in the library please note the new hours she is on campus. Remember enter from the lower parking lot or bus loop and you need to wear a mask!! See picture below.

Monday 9-3

Tuesday 8-2

Wednesday 8-2

Thursday 9-3

No Fridays

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Teachers Office Hours

Mondays will have two purposes:

1. Meeting with Coaching Classes

2. Getting help during teacher office hours

9:40-10:10 - Coaching Class

10:15-11:15.- Office Hour - Cooper / Webb / Eagleton / Trout

11:15-12:15 - Office hour - Medina / Krefft / Jereczek / Tolbert / Razukas

12:45-1:45. - Office Hour - Adkins / Cunningham / Gonzalez / Shanahan

Employee Of The Week

Mr. Noel Trout

Mr. Noel Trout has been teaching Economics and Government for over a decade at RVHS. He has coached many different sports including football, girls and boys lacrosse, and girls field hockey. His experience has shaped him into the educator and person that you see today.

Noel loves spending time with his family and friends while finding time to do a little fly fishing on the side. Mr. Trout brings fun and enjoyment to his classroom. Students say that he is down to earth, straightforward and doesn’t mind having a good laugh.

Mr. Trout besides helping students learn about political issues and government institutions, he guides students toward path to become responsible, capable adults. He encourages students to form opinions based on facts and logic. Students appreciate that he doesn’t baby them, but requires them to stand on their own two feet and carry themselves towards graduation. He instills in his students the values of responsibility and self ownership.

Mr. Noel Trout, thank you for all of your dedication and consistency. You are the “Employee of the week”. Thanks for being you!

Students Of The Week

Omar Ramirez- Huerta

Omar deserves to be student of the week. Omar not only always attends both classes he has with me, but he is always one of the first ones there. His mic doesn't work in zoom, but he still ask questions and participates through the chat. In addition, he has worked hard to make sure he has turned in all of his English assignments. Keep it up Omar!

Madilyn Espanol

Madilyn is a new student at Rancho. Her first day was January 20th. I am so impressed with Madilyn's work ethic. She went back and completed all the assignments posted from week 1 and has not turned in a late assignment this semester. Her quality of work is excellent too! It is not easy to stay motivated with online learning, but Madilyn is ROCKIN it!

Birthdays To Celebrate

Mrs. Cunningham 1/29

Bailey Ponsiano 2/1

Trenton Bensley 2/1

Clarissa Martinez 2/2


Attendance Line 951-294-6302 or email cavalos@tvusd.us. Please make sure to clear all absences. Thank you.

RVHS Online Block Schedule

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistance Principal Tim Mann