Serena Gregory

Summary of Readings

The Dentist: This passage is about a young soldier and his painful memories. Curt Lemon wasn't an impressive guy. He had a tendency to play a tough role as a soldier. For what seemed to be a strong, bold soldier he proved to his buddies that he wasn't as tough as he'd been acting. The dentist was is biggest fear.

Counting Small-boned Bodies: This poem is about how the soldiers describe how they wish everything could be small. Smaller to keep as a reminder, to bring it all to one place at the same time.

Important Passages

"The dentist couldn't find any problem but lemon kept insisting, so the man finally shrugged and shot in the Novocain and yanked out a perfectly good tooth"

-this is important because no matter what, if there ws anything wrong, there always seemed to be something wrong

"If only we could make the bodies smaller, maybe we could get a whole years kill in front of us on a desk"

-this is important because they wished they could make everything smaller to bring it home with them, so it could all be in front of them to see what reality is"

What message are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war? What is the impact the war has on people?

The message these authors are trying to spread about the war is that everyone is afraid. There isn't one thing great about going into war. They sacrifice their life all day everyday and half the time weren't praised for that. The went in knowing they may not come out. They got their medical insurance, and much more. But when it came to reality for a check up by a medical soldier or dying, it became real.

The impact of war on people could be anything. It could turn their life upside down leading them to depression, thoughts of suicide and much more. People may thing its easy, you go in, fight and come home okay. But that no where near what its about. You go across the world, fight and kill other people, and those memories, those pictures stay in your head.

Image Analysis

This Image reflects to the first passage because their all in war and they go each day without showers, running through 4 feet deep pond just to get to their destination. Nothing gets in their way. The men go without their regular doctor check ups and risk their life everyday.

This image reflects to the poem because the poem talk about bringing everything back and making it smaller to bring it all home. We done know if the men in this picture made it home. It could of been them the writer was talking about. It could have been anyone. Bring home everyone together, all of the deceased, as an impossible thing to do back then.

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Connection To Media

This video represents different shots of the Vietnam war, from dying to being air lifted away in a helicopter. These men run through fields full of mines and explosives and risked their life to fight for our freedom.
Vietnam War Footage