Marketing A Maint Horse

Endurance Riding

horse field that it's meant for

Advertise in the field were people in the Endurance Riding Film mostly would be

how to get potential buyers

First find where the buyers of the potential field where they would Mainly be .

Then , tell why my breed is different from the Other breeds

Last , show the good characteristics of the horse that will be a benefit to them .

How will my horse be seen

I would create a video to show how good my horse is

Leverage it on social media

Be visible in the horse community

flyer flyers flyers

Create a website to show where my horse is breeding from and how good it is .

History of breed

Why not have a fast and intelligent horse . It'll make smart decisions and still give you the top speed you need for endurance . it'll know what's right and what's wrong . It will have a willing attitude to do anything and you'll have a beautiful horse