Community of Inquiry


Dr. Terry Collins, an experienced faculty member, describes to a new faculty member, Bob Smith, how he uses the Community of Inquiry framework in his classroom to ensure a comprehensive student learning experience, using the first day of class as an example. Read the scenario below:
Dr. Collins: Welcome Bob! The Dean asked me to spend some time with you before classes start and answer any questions you might have about how we at B&SC approach structuring the learning experience for our students. Are you familiar with a framework called Community of Inquiry?

Bob: Not really, although based on the title, I would guess it has something to do with a class where students work together and rely on each other to ask and answer questions that lead to learning. Am I on the right track?

Dr. Collins: Yes, you’ve hit on some of the fundamental concepts. Why don’t you take some time to read this explanation of the framework and view a short video; then I can give you more specifics about each of the presences and how the framework is applied to achieve student learning success.