By: Gianna Clemons

When Lonnie was seven years old, his parents died in a fire. Now he is eleven years old, and he still misses his family. He had to adjust too many changes in his life like living with his new foster, attending a new school, and being separated from his little sister Lili, who lives with her new mother Miss Edna. Lonnie’s new foster mother doesn’t really like all the noise and energy Lonnie brings to their small apartment, so she is constantly telling him to be quite. At school, Lonnie has to find a new way to relate to the other kids who don’t know him or his background. Lonnie is comforted by memories from his past when his parents were alive, by visits with Lili in her new home, and also by the encouragement of his teacher, Ms. Marcus. With the help of Ms. Marcus, Lonnie finds a way to express himself in his writing. Lonnie begins to remember his past to write down in his journal booklet. In the end, Lonnie learns to accept his new life, and appreciate the people who support him especially Ms. Marcus, Miss Edna, Rodney, and his little sister Lili.