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You use geometry every day, even if you don't realize it.

You use Geometry every day, even if you don't realize it.

In Teen Geo, we utilize real life situations in Euclid's geometry and make it fun for teens. No more sitting in desks, answering questions about Sharquisha graphing triangles and transforming them just for fun, while thinking ‘what is the use in learning this mumbo jumbo?' We will do hands on projects like building and painting where it seems like geometry has some significance.

Who is this Mastermind you Speak of that Created Geometry???

His name was Euclid:

Euclid was an ancient Greek who is known as being the father of geometry. His geometry was founded in 300 B.C.E. Many doubted that his founding was real. They thought it impossible. However, he began to spread his knowledge to students in a school in Alexandria about the different elements of geometry he discovered. He wrote his findings and knowledge of Geometry in a book called The Elements. His teachings are still taught today to students all around the world like us.


To Draw Evenly You Reflect?

Have you ever tried to draw a picture of a face? If you have, you know how frustrating it is to try to get the two sides equal. When drawing a face, you want to mirror a feature to the other side of the face, or reflect it. Reflection is when you take an image, and reflect it across a point of line to get an exact mirrored image. Who would've thought math was in drawing?

Dilation is in Baking?!?

Everyone loves cookies! But did you know that baking involves dilation? Once you make the delicious homemade (or homemade from a box) cookie dough, you roll it into small balls. However, after baking them in the oven for a few minutes, they come out larger than they were when you put them in. Dilation is the process of which you multiply the original shape by a factor to either shrink or stretch the figure.

Turrets Show Rotations

All you usually connect to guns is BOOM and POW and death and fun and joy. But, geometry is very imperative to the protection of our country. Turrets rotate 360 degrees to locate targets. They ROTATE around on an axil to find the their target using GPS location systems. They rotate to an exact degree so that they can shoot BOOM BULLETS with precision unknown to any other automated gun.
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Mobile Homes Translate Like Figures in Geometry

Mobile Homes:

You can always drive down the interstate and count on spotting a mobile home rolling on to its next destination. Oddly enough, these moving homes have something to do with geometry.

In geometry, TRANSLATING means to SHIFT a figure up, down, left, and or right on a coordinate plane. Mobile homes MOVE East, West, North and or South in miles/ kilometers towards their next destination in the same way figures MOVE in units across a coordinate plane,