Visual Art I



Mixed media refers to artwork that incorporates more than one media. For example, using different kinds of papers, textures, objects, paints, colored pencils, and found materials.

Mixed Media

You are telling a story, so think first of your narration of the story you are going to tell. Write a paragraph telling your story. Your image should reflect your story, so it should have metaphors and symbols which represent the story you are telling. The elements and principles of art will also tell your story, so what can you use of these to move the viewer's eye through the composition and get them to understand the story? Post your story with your image. Contrasting things will help get your story across. Don't forget color harmony, compositional movement *visual path - S path, U path, etc) and other movement if necessary, like implied movement, typography to suggest some meaning, but don't spell it out, some found objects to help tell the story. Make it personal so you get close to the story and get the viewer to relate. Use your rule of thirds to make your point of emphasis the first thing the viewer looks at, and then lead your viewer around the composition with secondary point of interest, tertiary point of interest. What objects will you use to help tell your story (make them figurative, not literal).

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A Powerful Way To Improve Your Compositions You (Probably) Haven’t Tried

Here is an article that talks about a certain concept in art, subordination. Please read through the article and think about how you can apply some of these concepts to your compositions. Email me what you have learned from this article that you think will help you, as a graded check in.



Missing Work

Please go back and complete any missing work. Do not focus on extra credit assignments. Instead, complete any required art assignments to add to your grade. Also, look at my comments of your graded work. If there are some things I have mentioned you can do to improve your grade, consider doing these things and re-submitting those assignments. If you have any questions, please contact me. I am here to answer your questions.

Module 15 Live Class Tuesday 6pm Fall 17

Year Long Continue working on Module 8 over the break. Also see what assignments you can improve upon and submit any missing work.

Fall 17. We are starting on Module 15. That means we only have two more regular modules to complete before the final exam. Take time over the break to catch up and improve your grade.

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