Retail and Auction Fraud

Retail and Auction

What is retail and auction fraud?

There are many types of retail fraud and auction fraud. One of the most common ways is they create on websites like Ebay and they "sell" items that seem to be worth something, but they don't send that customer the item or a fake item. They can often get personal information as well from the scam like credit card numbers and personal information.

A common type of auction fraud is called penny auctions. Penny auctions are consumers bidding on a product, and while considered legal they are unreliable and questionable.


An example of this would be a website called Quibids. Many people have reported the sign up form taking credit card numbers and charging them $60 but no refund and no getting out of the scam.

Avoid it by:

A way to avoid this would be to visit other websites and see if the one you are looking at is reasonable or reliable. Does it have a good policy? Do you think it is secure, or do you have security on credit cards and computers? It is also helpful to look at reviews to see if others have been scammed.

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