By: Dylan Phan

Effects Of Air Pollution

On our Health:

Well it's pretty obvious on why polluted air is effective on our health. You need air to be alive. When the air is contaminated it can cause you to become sick. Also it has in some cases caused death. Polluted air is also highly more harmful to people with asthma, it can make there eyes and nose start to burn and can cause them to become very sick.

On the Environment:

Air pollution isn’t just a threat to our health, it also damages our environment. Toxic air pollutants and the chemicals that form acid rain and ground-level ozone can damage trees, crops, wildlife, lakes and other bodies of water. Those pollutants can also harm fish and other aquatic life.

On the Economy:

Air pollution causes thousands of people to get sick and that leads to people missing work and school. Also it has a huge affect on the agricultural and commercial forest yields and causes them to lose billions each year.

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5 Ways of Reducing Air Pollution

  2. Don't use plastic bags when grocery shopping, use reusable bags
  3. Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot
  4. Buy rechargeable batteries
  5. Conserve Energy- Turn the lights off when you leave a room