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February 12-16, 2018

We Are A.R.M.Y. Strong!!

"As a member of the Continental Army, I promise to be Accountable, Respectful, Motivated to Learn, and do mY best."

School-wide Fundraiser

Washington families, the big day is finally here! Our school wide fundraiser will begin tomorrow. This year we will have our own online store! You will be able to shop hundreds of items including magazines, jewelry, candy, coffee, grilling items, stainless steel and collegiate tumblers and cups and much more. The packet we send home will have ordering information, our online store code, and a separate order form if you have orders for our coffee and stainless steel tumbler. Those shopping our online store will pay directly online. This fundraiser will help pay for our 8th grade block party, 6th-8th field trips, and other opportunities for our children. Please share the online code with your family that are living out of town or even across the street! This fundraiser will be open for 2 weeks. Thank you for your support of Washington Middle School students!

PTSA Boxtop Blitz

Please help support our PTSA by bringing in those Boxtops. You can cut the little rectangles off of boxes from many items you buy at the grocery store. Those little rectangles add up to big bucks for our students. If you have Boxtops laying around, please send those in to your child's homeroom this week.

PTSA Donut Breakfast

Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 7am

Media Center

All PTSA members are invited to the Media Center before school on Wednesday, February 14th for donuts, milk and juice. Please have your student sign up in the Main Office if they are interested in attending.

Snow Day Make-ups

The next snow make-up day will be Monday, February 19th. This was a built-in day in calendar for President's Day. We will be in session that day. The third make-up day will be a virtual assignment that will be distributed on Tuesday, February 20th and collected on the 27th. Please visit the teacher websites below for more information on the assignment. As always, if you have questions, please contact the office.

Yearbook Sales Begin

Your student will be bringing home an order form for the yearbook this week. The price is $15 if pre-ordered by April 1st. After that date the price will increase to $20. Make sure to pre-order yours to get the lowest price. You can return the order form to Mrs. Kavanaugh with cash or check made out to Washington Middle School or you can use the link below to order online. Get yours today!

www.inter-state.com/Yearbooks Use order Code: 24474M

My School Survey

All parents, students and staff will be taking the My School Survey this week. We use this information to help us make adjustments and help improve our school. Please take the time to complete this survey this week to help us continue to make Washington Middle School better. We appreciate your feedback and ideas.

PTSA Meeting and Youth First Presentation on Suicide Prevention

Monday, Feb. 12th, 6pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

Following the PTSA meeting, a QPR training will be held for any adult interested. QPR is an educational program designed to teach citizens how to recognize a mental health crisis and how to get the person at risk help. QPR stands for question, persuade, and refer. Please consider attending this important training. The doors at the turnaround (off of Rotherwood) will be unlocked for parents to enter. Childcare will be available during the presentation.

Self-Care presentations

Youth First School Social Worker, Mrs. Miller, has been doing presentations in classrooms about being the best you you can be. Important points from the presentation include:

- Middle school students need an average of 9 hours of sleep nightly to function at their best

- 60 minutes of exercise daily is recommended for middle school students

- Middle school students are heavily influenced by the peers they choose as their group of friends. It's important to consider choosing friends that are positive influences and that encourage students to do their best.

- Unplugging from electronic devices on a regular basis can benefit students. One of the main reasons that middle school students cited for not getting enough sleep is that they are often on their phones or other devices until after midnight. Having a nightly routine of turning in phones and devices prior to bedtime may be a way to help middle school students get the sleep they need.

Academic Teams Beginning

Washington Middle School is represented each year in the Academic Superbowl meets by five teams: Language Arts (Mrs. Pitt), Mathematics (Ms. Wolfe), Science (Mr. Buck), Social Studies (Mrs. Stoll) and Interdisciplinary. These students meet each week to prepare for the academic meets against students from other schools in our district. If your child is interested in representing us on one of these teams, please have them reach out to the teacher listed above.

Boys Basketball Game vs. Plaza Park

Monday, Feb. 12th, 4:30pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

Boys Basketball vs. Cedar Hall

Tuesday, Feb. 13th, 4:30pm

1801 Washington Avenue

Evansville, IN

ISTEP+ Part 1

This year, the window for ISTEP+ Part 1 begins on February 26th. This will come quickly this year with all of the snow days. The first round will be the extended writing component. Students will be asked to read short passages and then respond about the main ideas with details from the text. Students will also have math problems that are multiple steps and that require written explanations. There will also be a 50 minute writing assessment where students are given a topic and asked to write as much as they can. We know that this can be stressful for some students, so we want to share the information with you in order to begin talking to students and practicing writing stories, writing in journals, or writing a brief summary of anything they read.

This is the first year we've been required to take this assessment online, so we're hoping there are few bumps in the transition. We'll be working with the Indiana Department of Education and the EVSC to ensure that all of our technology is ready for this assessment. As always, please contact Mrs. Branson if you have any questions or concerns.

Two helpful websites for extra practice

We found two websites that have been very helpful in filling academic gaps for students. We'll be working on these two sites the next few months in our WIN period. Both sites can be worked on at home to further assist students in their academic growth.

www.noredink.com - This is a grammar and language website that supports writing skills. Students will take a diagnostic test this week which will guide them to the lessons, practice and quizzes that they need. Students will work through those lessons each week during WIN period. If you'd like to also support continued growth, please have them work on their lessons at home.

www.prodigygame.com - This is a math game that starts students at certain levels after taking an intro test. Students start at their level and work through the lessons and practice. We will also be working on this during WIN to support student growth in math, but they are encouraged to work on this outside of school as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these programs. Thank you in advance for supporting our students' growth in academics.

Teacher Websites

Each subject in each grade level has a class website. These websites are updated with the topics for learning, resources to use as support, and any important dates for the classroom. Click on your child's grade and then select the subject to get to the specific information about your child's class information. If you have any questions about the information on the website, don't hesitate to email your child's teacher with questions or concerns. If you do not receive a response, you can email or call Mr. Meyer or Mrs. Branson.

6th Grade:


7th Grade:


8th Grade:


Related Arts:




How is your child doing in classes?

Access this link to see your child's grades, discipline, attendance, and schedules. You can also update your contact information or email teachers from this site. If you have questions or you cannot log in, you can contact the main office at Washington Middle School.


If you have questions or concerns about grades you can contact your child's teachers, Mrs. Bender Carrie.Bender@evsc.k12.in.us or Administration to set up meetings.

After-School Programs

All clubs run from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, with the exception of STEM Club (4:30 pm - 5:30 pm). Each club member is provided a snack beforehand, and bus transportation home is provided.

Children and youth who participate in after-school programs reap a host of positive benefits in a number of areas—academic, social/emotional, and health and wellness. (2008, p. 2)

Programs are as follows:

Book vs. Movie Club – Students will read books, or excerpts from books and then watch movies that are based on that book. Students then discuss which version they liked better and why. Book vs. Movie will meet on Monday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Chronicles of YARNia – Students learn how to crochet and knit. Students will learn basic stitches, how to read a pattern, and learn how to make a sampler blanket. Chronicles of YARNia meets on Monday 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

DIAMONDS – The DIAMOND program, is a YMCA based program that promotes healthy choices and healthy relationships. This program is for female students, and focuses on establishing goals and increasing self-esteem and also encourages volunteering and community service. DIAMONDS program on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Y-CAP - The Y-CAP program is also a YMCA based program for young men. This program is an evidence-based program that works with young men and their families, enhancing their mental, educational, social and physical development and by helping them reach their fullest potential. The Y-CAP group programs on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Penny Lane – Students are offered study time with a tutor. Penny Lane meets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Minecraft Club – Students use this computer game to build and design structures, achieving personal gaming goals. Minecraft requires students to use critical thinking skills and creativity. Minecraft meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

STEM Club – The STEM program is a new addition to after-school programs. Different STEM kits are rented weekly. These kits contain tools and items that can be used to help students learn more about Science and Math. STEM Club meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm.

Mythology Club – Students learn about Greek Mythology and participate in the National Mythological exam. This particular program will be a nationally registered and recognized club with excellence in the classics! Mythology meets on Thursday.

Drama Club – Students learn about basic movement exercises and acting skills. Drama club meets on Thursday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Pokemon Club – Students are invited to bring their own Pokemon cards, where they can play against each other or trade their cards. Students really enjoy the social engagement aspect of Pokemon Club. Pokemon Club meets on Friday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Study Cafe and Retakes

We will be offering Study Cafe after school again this year. We have divided the session into two parts: Retakes and Tutoring. If your child does not reach proficient on any part of an assessment, they can schedule a retake with their teacher. Their teacher will leave the assessment in a folder for the supervisors, and your child may stay after school to retake.

If your child needs additional support with any subject, they can stay after for tutoring. In order to schedule after school tutoring, students can sign up with Mr. Walls in Room 26A or parents can email Mr. Walls at dominic.walls@evsck12.com.

We are trying to keep the classes small, so students can get the help they need. If students do not sign up for the sessions or schedule an assessment with their teacher, they will not be able to stay. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding help for your child.

Washington Middle School Community Supporters

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Contact Us!

Please contact us with questions or concerns! If you have specific concerns regarding a teacher or class, we encourage you to email, call or meet with the teacher to work on a solution. Mrs. Bender, our school counselor, is your contact for scheduling or student concerns. Mrs. Miller, our Youth First Social Workers, is your contact for community resources, family support, or student therapy group sessions. Mrs. Amuzie, our school Social Worker, is your contact for Food Bags, Hangers Clothing Bank applications, peer concerns, or general student support. If you have continued concerns, please contact Mr. Meyer, Mr. Gaffney or Ms. Branson. What we don't know can't be fixed!