Plastic Recycling Exhibition 2015

By Anton Zhulkovskiy

Central Idea

The Action We Take May Affect Human Communities

First week reflection

On this first week we did really well. We found out what we can do for our action. We also thought of all our key concept question.The other good thing is that we had 3 meetings with our mentor. we also finished writing our group agreement. We found lists of connections from our group and the outside companies.
I am working in a group with Laith and Khalifa - Here are their flyers
How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester
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What type of action do you plan on doing? How do you think it may affect your community?

For our action we will be trying to get Uptown School Students to start recycling plastic. To help that happen we will walk around the school and talk about the goods of recycling. Also we are getting a few recycling bins that a company that will collect the waste from the bins. After they will take it to the recycling plant and recycle it into useful products.

That will make our environment much more clean.

While doing our action we are being Principled because we are doing the right thing to our environment.

We are also being caring because we are trying to help our environment.

Key Concept Questions

form- What is plastic recycling?

Function- How is plastic recycled in the U.A.E?

Causation+Responsibility- Why should we recycle?

Connection- What is the impact of plastic waste on our environment?

Change- How does plastic recycling waste affect our environment?

Perspective- What do Uptown School students think about plastic recycling?

Reflection- How has our action made adifference to our school?


For me something really big that I would like to change is to make people recycle all over the world. In 2010 about 8 million metric tons of plastic waste was washed offshore. I don't want waste to be left around. If I could I would want to have recycling bins everywhere so that people can put there waste inside. I also want people to start thinking more about the earth than themselves because people are lazy they do not bother trying to throw their trash into recycling bins instead they just drop the trash and walk away and that is also something I want to change