Come To Jamaica!

By: Faith Morrissey

Our Amazing Sites and Places to Visit!!!

What the weather is like in Jamaica!

In the Summer the weather in Jamaica is 80-85 and the temperature in the winter is 75-80 degrees.

Landmarks In Jamaica

  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Dunn's River Falls
  • Rio Grande
  • Devon House

Come Snorkeling in Jamaica Today!

You can see the many different colorful fish and the bright coral reefs at Doctors Cave Beach!

What the Jamaican Currency looks like.

  • The back of the note has a local scene or a popular landmark
  • A watermark featuring Jamaica's national bird, the swallow tailed hummingbird
  • The Jamaican coat of arms is displayed on the front

Come and visit and experience the Blue Mountains!

If you are up for a challenge come on over and climb Blue Mountain, and you will be able to see Blue Mountain Peek at the top!

Places to Eat in Jamaica

Zimboli's Mountain Cooking studio

If you go and eat with them they show you around their farm, and you get a cooking lesson while the chef is making your dinner right in front of you and giving you tips to cook!
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Join the Party at Rick's Cafe!

Here you can jump off cliffs into the beautiful beach, dance, eat, and have fun! Here you can dare your friends to do a flip off of the cliff!
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