Without Remorse

By: Tom Clancy

Without Remorse summary

Plot: Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is about a guy named John Kelly who’s girlfriend was shot by gang members and he’s trying to avenge her all while trying to come up with a plan to rescue some POWs from Vietnam. This book takes place in Boston during the 1960s in the Vietnam War and Kelly is a retired veteran. In about the middle of the book he is invited to join the CIA with the name John Clark. The main conflict is him trying to avoid the police while murdering all the gang members that killed his girlfriend. During the middle of the book he goes back to Vietnam to try and rescue the hostages but someone gave them away to the Vietnamese. Find out what happens to Kelly in Vietnam then find out if he makes it back to Boston.
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Without Remorse setting

The setting of Without Remorse is boston in the 1960s. The setting is important because if it wasnt in Boston he wouldnt have crashed into a car and his wife wouldnt have died and he wouldnt have had his girlfriend shot.

Without Remorse Conflict

The conflict is that the police are getting closer and closer to finding out that the murder is him. Another conlflict is that he is being sent to Vietnam to rescue POWs but the misson was given away by a traitor. This novel has a excellent conflict.

Main Character: John Kelly

The main character of my book is named John Kelly. He is a retired war veteran he was retired because of the injuries he took in Vietnam. His wife died in a car crash and his girl friend was shot by gang members. He nearly died from the gang members too one the guys shot him with a shot gun.


The theme of this book is to keep going no matter how hard things get.

My Reaction

This book is amazing for people who like very suspenful books. There are many conflicts that Kelly has to deal with. But i think this book is amazing and lots of people that read this will like it.