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Is it your first court case?

Relax! By the time you are done reading this flyer, you will know everything you need in order to survive your very first court case! We will cover the basics and make sure that you are prepared.

The Basics

Plantiff: the person who brings a case against another person in court

Defendant: the person who is being accused of a crime and being prosecuted

Complaint: legal document that lists the reasons a person is bringing a defendant to court

Summons: legal document from the court that says to appear in court

Pleadings: statements made by the party that formally introduce the cause/defense

Pretrial Conference: meeting of the two parties before the actual trial begins

Mediation: instead of making a decision in court, a decision is reached through a mediator

Arbitration: technique used outside of court to come to a decision through another person

Trial: examining evidence before a judge and jury to decide if the defendant is guilty

Preponderance: the greater amount of evidence that is needed to decide a case

Verdict: the decision on a case

Appeal: appealing a case to a higher court so that the verdict can be re-examined

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