"Stress Management"

The First in the "Getting It Together" COMM Wellbeing Series

Stress Management & Mental Health Promotion

This seminar will focus on strategies and considerations for stress management and mental health promotion in academia, specifically for graduate students - although anyone is welcome to attend!

Chia-Chen Tu, Ph.D, L.P. (Educational Psychology, Univ of MN) is a Staff Psychologist with Student Counseling Services. Her specializations include grief and loss, trauma, mindfulness and relaxation skills, cultural adjustment and identity development for international students and first generation college students, training and supervision of psychology trainees, diversity awareness and social justice training.

Additional Wellbeing Seminars will be offered in the Spring 2017 semester!

Sponsored by Communication Studies HR Committee

Stress Management and Mental Health Promotion

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 1pm

224 Church Street Southeast

Minneapolis, MN

Ford B53