Internet Safety

Stay Smart Online

S- strangers

Make sure your child is not talking to strangers. If you ever find out that your child is talking to strangers you should tell them to never talk to someone you don't know. Then you should go online and delete all of their accounts and create new ones.

M- monitor

You should monitor what your child is doing on line because you never know what your child is doing. You can check what their doing maybe once a week. Just make sure that everything is going good and nothing is going bad. Keep track of their previous history.

A- accepting

If someone your child doesn't know sends your them a friend request on Facebook or Twitter tell them they should not accept it. You don't know who they are or what they could do. Make sure they change their password and watch what links they are going on. Some of those links they might clink on collect their information and they now have their information and can do what they want with it.

R- reliable

Make sure your children are reliable on what they post and do online? You should be able to rely on your kids. If you can not rely on them what you can do is put a password on your computer so that they can only go on it if you allow them to. You can give them like 20 minutes on it. While they are playing you could watch them or stay close while they are playing.

T- top secret

Your child's password and information are personal and TOP SECRET! An example of that is using capital letters. Random letters or words are good ideas for your password.Their password should not contain their first or last name, that is to easy for someone to hank in to their account.