Harappan Culture

By:Dylan Nation


  1. The language is not bilingual in any form or fashion.
  2. Over 400 symbols make up this language.
  3. Found on stamps and seals.
  4. Impossible to decipher.


  1. Social divisions were not great.
  2. Prosperous society.
  3. Few weapons.
  4. Animals were very important.

Role of religion

  1. Rulers have close tie religions.
  2. Culture was theocracy
  3. No temple, priest prayed for good harvest and safety of flood.
  4. All became part of Indian civilization.


  1. Thriving trade.
  2. Gold and silver came from north in afghanistan.
  3. Traded from 2600 B.C to late 1800 B.C..
  4. Provide link to sea.