Weekly RoaR!

Week ending January 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

1/2 Birthday, that is!

July 26 - Mrs. Liles

July 30 - Mrs. Light

July 31 - Mrs. Neal

Mark your calendars...

January 27 - Chick Fil A Spirit Night, 5-8PM

January 30 - End of AIMSWeb MOY testing window

February 2-3 - Writing Checkpoint for Grade 4

  • Kinder & 4th to switch CAMP on both days.
  • Kinder to recess in the afternoon.

February 4 - Early Dismissal

February 4 - Way to Go, Wednesday (agenda will be sent during next newsletter)

Testing, testing EVERYwhere.

Just a heads up what major testing is around the corner...

  • District Checkpoints - Feb. 2 & 3
  • STAAR Alternative 2 - Feb. 9 to Feb. 20
  • District Checkpoints - Feb. 17 & 19
  • TELPAS Reading (in the computer lab) - Mar. 17
  • STAAR Writing - March 30 & 31
  • STAAR Math & Reading - April 21 & 22

This list does not include the district unit assessments.

A Friendly Reminder Regarding Absences & Requests for Leaving Early

We have had lots of staff absences and early leave requests lately. We understand: you're sick, your kid is sick, things come up out of your control.

In order to make sure that we are the most efficient in getting everything covered, please do the following:

  • In AESOP, identify your top 5. There is a place for you to choose your top 5 substitutes, and the system will call them first.
  • If you must put an absence in after 6 AM, please text Jennifer Herrera at 214.415.7936. You also need to put your absence in AESOP.
  • If you must leave early for an appointment or something of the such, please fill out the form on the portal. It is your responsibility to make sure your class is covered (if the early leave is prior to 2:30), as well as your after school duty. Please let us know who is covering you in the online portal request.

It is also important that you have a sub folder in your classroom, should you be unable to come up and set out materials and plans. Make sure this includes your daily schedule, as well as important information about your students or emergency procedures.

ACTION ITEM: Cupcake Message to Parents

As mentioned earlier by Boss, cupcakes are now allowed on any day, despite their low nutritional value. I don't know about you, but I am certainly glad that our legislatures have spent much time over a very important issue. -__-

Anywho, please let parents know the following:

As of 2015, students may bring cookies or cupcakes to celebrate their birthday. It is campus policy that these items are store-bought, due to the number of food allergies we have on campus. Students celebrating their birthday may pass these out during lunch to ensure that instructional time is not diminished.

Coming Soon...to a Friday near you!

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