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Guess Who Came to Burnside?

Yes, nationally know author and storyteller Carmen Deedy came to Burnside. Mrs. Deedy mesmerized the students and teachers with her tales of growing up in Decatur, Ga and folktales from around the world. This is not Mrs. Deedy first time at Burnside, she visited Burnside in 2012 and our students are featured on her website.

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Burnside Students Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day

Burnside students celebrated Dr. Suess Day by visiting the media center, which had been turned into Suessville. Students could watch a Dr. Suess movie, play ball toss game, One Thing, Two Thing and Dr. Sessus Tic Tac Toe, rhyming concentration game and make a One Thing, Two Thing pencil. Everyone had a great time and each session ended with gold fish snacks in honor of the Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

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Families Reading at Burnside

Students are not the only readers at Burnside, parents came and shared their favorites books and love of reading with students.

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