Augmented Reality Project

Smart Menu (Auggy)

This will be the future. Cutting edge technology from Georgia Tech

Auggy - Augmented Reality Smart Menu

Imagine going into a restaurant and scanning the menu with your smartphone and getting information about ingredients in the item you are ordering and then order with your smartphone and it goes directly to the chef.


List of Features that Support Learning,

Exploring information about food

Examining the fiber, fat, calories of any food

The ability to see ingredients in any food

The ability to identify foods with allergens ( gluten and nuts)

The use of technology to create Smart menu

3D Menu, makes food come to life

List of features that inhibit learning.

Must have a smartphone or tablet

Less entry level jobs in the food industry

This is so new many of the weakness have yet to surface

Ways to use in the classroom

Assignment could be given to research menus at different restuarants

Could include price for food ordered, calories, fiber, fat.

How does this fit into your daily intake of food.