Dust & Decay

By Jonathan Maberry

Summary By Garrett Knott

This book tells the adventures of Benny Imura. They find themselves leaving Mountain Side, but learn that their are worse dangers outside of town then inside. Will they survive the New Game land where they throw kids in pits to fight zombies, or will they perish to the countless bounty hunters. They must survive to find out were the plane flew off to. Read it now and learn if they perish during they fight or live.

Other Characters

Other Characters

Some of the other characters are Nix, Chong, Lilah, and Tom. Chong is Benny's best friend.Benny is in love with Nix and was also at one time best friends. Lilah is a girl that survived in the woods for years who they found,and Tom is Benny's older brother. They all show progression when they all have to deal with loss of their parents and Tom. Also the lesson that they learn is that as long as you have friends by your side any thing is possible.

Identification of major themes or argues.

All the themes I believe unfolded pretty well during this story. Other books that I have read like these are the other 3 books soon to be 4. Warrior Smart was my favorite quote because in all books they say it and it means to not act dumb when faced with danger.