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Marching Altos


Welcome to the Kansas State University Alto Saxophone Section! Hope your summer has been treating you well and you are starting to get excited about the upcoming school year and football season! This flyer is to inform all of you about the upcoming season and to answer any questions you might be having about band, KSU, or life.

We are getting ready for another truly incredible season full of great music, friends, and football! Start getting excited for one of the most incredible experiences of your life. The Alto section is a fun group of people who know how to work hard!

We are so excited you have decided to return or start up with our section! Let's start getting pumped for this fall because band camp is right around the corner!! EMAW

Band Camp

Sunday, Aug. 18th 2013 at 9-9pm

McCain Auditorium, Manhattan, KS

Manhattan, KS


Sunday, August 18- Staff, Drum Majors, Section Leaders Report

Monday, August 19- Staff, Drum Majors, Section Leaders Report

Tuesday, August 20- ST, DM, SL, ROOKIES Report

Wednesday, August 21- ALL MEMBERS

Thursday, August 22- ALL MEMBERS

Friday, August 23- ALL MEMBERS

Saturday August 24- ALL MEMBERS

Sunday, August 25- ALL MEMBERS


Jordan Profita, Head Section Leader

Jordan is a fifth year senior majoring in Family Studies and Human Services with a Minor in Music. She is from Wichita, Kansas and attended Goddard High School. She is Vice President- Ritual of Sigma Alpha Iota and enjoys playing clarinet as well.

Erik Russell, Music Instructor

Erik is a third year K-State student majoring in Music Education. He grew up in Eudora, KS and attended Eudora High School then Johnson County Community College (JCCC) for two years before continuing to K-State. In addition to Marching Band he also participates in various musical ensembles and is a member of the Kansas State University Saxophone Studio.

Ryan Whelchel, Marching and Maneuvering

Ryan is a Senior in Architectural Engineering. He is from Solomon, Kansas and went to Sacred Heart High School of Salina. His favorite thing to do outside of marching band is ride his bike for many miles.

Ashley Herb, Assistant Section Leader

Ashley is a third year, junior, majoring in Accounting with minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies with a Certificate of International Business. She is from Eureka, KS where she attended Eureka High School. She is involved in various clubs and organizations but joining the KSUMB was one of the best "spur of the moment" decisions she has ever made.


If you haven't yet, check out what we are all about!

Pregame - 9/25/10
Stand Up For The Champions - 2012 K-State Football

Helpful Hints for Band Camp

* Stay healthy! It's important to hydrate (so bring a water bottle!), eat well, use plenty of sunscreen, and get plenty of sleep.

* Wear comfortable clothing such as athletic clothing and good tennis shoes. We have long days and comfort is the most important thing!

* Bring everything you need to stay happy including good reeds.

* Have a positive attitude. Remember that this is fun and you will miss this!

* In order to have a less stressful band camp memorize your music before hand.



Hello Altos!

With band camp less than a month away I wanted to take a moment to remind all of you to PRACTICE! PRACTICING will make band camp much less painful on your mind and lips. Start MEMORIZING your music now. For Rookies that have not played our pre-game music before, skip the first ending in Wildcat Victory ("The Fight Song") and take the second ending only. Also, only second endings in the Kansas Wildcats March (assuming you can read the notes)!

Rookies and Vets, make sure you PRACTICE and MEMORIZE Ceremony of Allegiance! The alto part is crucial in this piece. If you see any piano dynamics in your music, cross them out and put a big ol' forte in its place! If you play it as written, nobody will hear you. And this year, I would like for us to be heard! But I would also ...like us to PRACTICE so that when we are heard, we are heard in a good way (not in a "hey, altos would you please get off the field" kind of way)!

If anybody has any questions about the music, band camp, or PRACTICING and MEMORIZING, please contact me; I'd be happy to help you!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer and are excited for the upcoming semester.


That is all.

Erik Russell, Music Instructor

Need Music?

The website to download the music is


The username is members and the password is marchingband

Practice whatever part you feel comfortable with. We will have auditions during band camp but they are nothing you should stress about. We base parts on preparation and need. All parts in a band as large as ours are important!

Other Information

If you have any questions at all about the incoming season don't hesitate to ask any of your leadership or vets! We're here to help!

Once again our contact information is

Jordan Profita, 316-210-6496, profita@ksu.edu

Erik Russell, 785-331-6970, erussell@ksu.edu

Ryan Whelchel, 785-643-3244, rtwhelch@ksu.edu

Ashley Herb, 620-583-2214, amherb@ksu.edu

See all you rookies on August 20th at 9:00 AM in McCain Auditorium!

See all you vets on August 21st at 9:00 AM in McCain Auditorium!