Blind Spot Button

Created by: Sarah Cooper

A blind spot is an area that the driver of a car cannot see when looking forward or in either side mirrors when trying to pull out into traffic or change lanes. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur every year in the US with 300 fatalities. This is due to people not adjusting their mirrors correctly on their cars.

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Stop taking your eyes off the road to look in your "blind spot"!

You need the Blind Spot Button! The Blind Spot Button is a button that is built inside of your car. Whenever you push that button a camera comes up on your screen inside of your car that shows you what is on both sides of the back of the car in your " blind spot". There are 2 cameras in the back of your car. There is one on the right side, and one on the left side. So that whichever way your going, you know what's coming.If you don't like your Blind Spot Button, just bring it back and you'll get your money back guaranteed!

Don't have a new and improved car with technology? That's okay!

For people without all the technology in their cars, don't worry. I have a Blind Spot Button for you too! Your blind spot button will be 2 mirrors that hook on easily to the bottom of your back windshield or on your tailgate. Don't worry about if something hits the mirrors and breaks them because for 1 year you get free replacements! Also, If you don't like your Blind Spot Button just bring it back and you'll get your money back guaranteed!
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