What It Is And How You Can Avoid It

What is Spam?

Spam is an unsolicited email or message. There are three major types of spam, cost, time and content. Spam can cost people money by using up bandwidth, or by sending you SMS messages hoping that you don't have unlimited texting. In 2007 it was calculated that 97% of all Emails were Spam. Spam is also ment to waste you time. By sending you Emails or texts it forces to take the time to delete it. The third is content. The message looks like it is going to give you something for free or ask for information then will give you a virus or take money.

How to Avoid Spam

There are many ways that you can avoid getting a lot of spam. The first is a spam filter. Many websites have a spam filter that will help you sort through your Emails. Another way to avoid it is to not reply to spam Emails. Once you reply the sender knows that the Email address is valid and can sell it for more money. The third way that you can avoid getting spam is a one-use Email address. A one-use Email deletes itself after 15 minutes to that you can never receive spam.