By Kathy Reichs

Virals , By Kathy Reichs is a great young-adult book for teenagers. Tory Brennan, grand-niece of Temperance Brennan, is from Massachusetts living with her single mom. When her mom gets killed in a car accident, Tory has to move down to South Carolina with a dad she never knew. Even worse, to Morris Island where there are only 20 people, the only kids around her age are 3 boys. When on LIRI her and the boys find a dog tag which they end up gong into the institute to get cleaned. While there, Tory rescues a wolfpup with parvovirus B-19, her and the boys get the virus, which makes them have senses like wolves when they activate them. From ambition and curiosity Tory tries to solve a murder, learn how to use her new "abilities", and use them to solve the murder. All because everything started with a dog tag. Read Virals to see how they solve the murder and keeping their abilities a secret