Where the red fern grows


coon hunting

Ghost coon's tricks has been known for tricking peoples hounds for a long time but not any more because a 14 year old boy has figured it out so now his tricks are no good.

Tahlequah school news

A fight at a Tahlequah school over a puppy's ear that was pullen.No one knows who started the fight but one kid was injured with a bloody nose and the other one unharmed.

in memory of...

a boy named Rubin Prichard die after falling on a little boys ax.The little boy said it was an accident because he was running with the ax towards his dogs then triped.No one knows if it was an accident or not.

heart warming tales

A little boy named Billy saved up money for two years by selling things to fishermen so he can by two redbone coonhounds.Each one was 25$but lowered as the years past to 20$ each so then he had a extra 10$ left.He named them Little Ann and Old Dan

coon hunting competition

A coon hunting competition is starting soon so don't forget to sign up now and bring what is on the supplies list.


  • tent
  • hunting dogs
  • lantern
  • clothes
  • sleeping bag
  • ax/gun

coon hunting championship winner

A 12 year old boy named Billy won the coon hunt with his two dogs,Little Ann and Old Dan.The prize was 300$ and a golden cup.