Lively, Pungent, Welcoming, Delicious and Colorful.


Other than the fact that Morocco is in Africa with a warm, beautiful serene environment, you might just hate it; however, this country has many cool tourist attractions for tourists and I'll be explaining about the tourist attractions in Morocco, so you can go visit Morocco.


The streets are full and busy. People are awake all night. Silence is hard to come by.


The smells are not wholly good or bad but a mixture of both. Smells seem to be much stronger, more noticeable. Spices and couscous. All the smells, whether delicious or disgusting, are full and strong and seriously shape how each of us remember and feel about each place we visit.


From the host families to the peer educators to the people who run the riads, every Moroccan is incredibly hospitable and pleasant.


In almost four weeks in Morocco you may have had handful of meals that were not incredible; but, filling and wonderfully hot.


The major color in Morocco is brown. The dust, the people, the streets, the bled, and the buildings are all rich varying colors of brown. Dispersed into this mass of tan countryside are rich emerald oases. In the brown-red walls of Marrakesh explode souks, bursting with every color of the rainbow.

Tourist Attractions

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