The hollister sweatshirt that was made in the philippines, was made in an environment full of cold dry area's. There main resources are coal, cobalt, copper, chromite, gold, gypsum, iron, natural gas, nickel, petroleum, salt, silver, and sulfur. The Philippines is a place where natural distaters are always happening. They always have high population of growth rate.


The economy in the Philippines continues to go up due to the amount of people living there. The GDP went up 6.0% last year. They yet too have had a storm to ruin some towns pushing some people away.
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The culture of the Philippines is influenced by Spain and the united states. They are mainly influenced by us depending on beliefs and there lifestyle.
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The technolony they use is all there factories. They make sure all the hodiesd and sweatshirts make it through them and make sure they are all labeled where they are from before they ship them off too other states too be sold.
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Problemn And Solution

The problem with where they live today is that they have kids in need of food, and homes and a place too stay when things go wrong. They are outside looking for food, and looking for places to stay when they have distractions. They are always looking to keep kids and even the adults safe.

They can try and fox that by rebuilding the houses, or even moving in with each other when things go wrong.

My life and globalization

The problem in my life is that with everything going on even now, all everyone does is use there phones for everything. People always have to be on there phones. They cant go outside, or hang out with friends or anything. They use there phone and sit home all alone most of the time to just be on there phones.

Postives and negitives

The positive things are that people can use it for information, too look up family, for school for real life. But the negatives are they are always on them and not doing anything else with there lives.