Come Live With Us

in Sparta!!!

Sparta is better than Athens

We are clearly the most powerful ones. Athens, more like pathogens (that don't work)

Education and Equal Rights

Boys AND girls are educated at the age of seven. Both are open to learning athletic abilities in sports, and males can join the army or navy. Women are free to roam around the streets, so yay equal rights.


We have good foods

Social Standards

We have three social classes, so people can be organized into groups like they deserve. Spartiates: Military people

Periocei: Outsiders, farmers, etc.

Helots: Slave like people or stuff

Our achievements

Athens are dumb. We have done many great things, other than having a totally better army and navy than them. Plato wrote a book, and he came from Sparta. "The Republic" is our book, and people remember it today.