Oh Baby!

Crawlers, room 214

Hello Parents!

Evie is now a big sister! The Oakley family welcomed baby William 'Liam' on Tuesday, July 15th!!!! What a blessing! We are so happy for Evie and her family!

Unfortunately, Hand Foot Mouth disease has been making it's way through the two crawlers classrooms. For those who have the virus, we hope your little ones are starting to feel better. We'll keep a close watch this week for any symptoms and will make sure to dis-infect and wash hands as much as possible.

We're looking forward to Addie returning to class, we missed her last week while she was vacationing.

Some observations:

- Maci is learning to use sign language well, she can now easily communicate with us

- Hunter keeps us on our toes with his communication, his pronunciations can be quite humorous

- We've discovered how to make Addison belly laugh, a simple game of "BOO!"

- Caroline is always constructing/deconstructing toys, blocks, buckets and buckles.. She has a very inquisitive mind

- Evie is still our sweet comforter, when someone is upset and crying, Evie is not far ready to give a hug and kiss

Here's to a fun-filled, rainy week!!

Miss Loni