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What is going on around here?

In what seems to be a blink of an eye- it's already May.

The birds are up earlier, the sun is shining higher in the sky and the world just seems to be coming alive.

Summer will be here before we know it and so will long hot days, reunions, vacations , water fun and bbq's.

What a great time of year.

Yet I hope we are enjoying every moment that we have right now, rather than wishing it away in hopes of summer time fun.

I spent too many years of my life doing just that.

When this child is finally potty trained. then...

When I'm done training for this race, then...

When my husband gets that raise, then...

When I lose 10 pounds, then...

A lot of discontented whens and way too many overexpectant thens.

Rather than enjoying my young child in diapers that could be changed when I was ready to change her- or being thankful the fact that I was able to run without pain for LONG distances at the size I am, or appreciating the idea that my husband is employed- I spent that time wishing it were different...and somehow better.

One of the greatest disappointments we experience is when we realize that what we thought would bring us more joy or happiness, ends up just being more of the same and we wasted a lot of time that we could have been happy and content.

I'm here to tell you...

Potty training just means racing to find the nearest bathroom and extra panties in the car.

Training for a race will just be replaced with another goal that requires your time and effort.

That raise comes with extra responsibilities and more time away from the family.

And that 10 pounds... don't even get me started.

Happiness is found in being content with what you have and living in the now.

Happiness can be found in-

The mundane AND the exciting.

The good AND the bad.

The easy AND the hard.

The present AND the future.

The scheduled AND the surprises.

The teaching AND the learning.

The body you have AND the one you are working on.

The spring AND the summer.

Find JOY now. Don't wait til then.

It's up to you.

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The latest and greatest

May B-days:

Dana Delgadillo- 5/4

Paula Bryant- 5/23

Could everyone please send us your birth date so we can make sure to put it on the calendar and celebrate with you?

Save the Date:

May Birthdays Lunch:

Thursday May 12th, 1:00 PM at Costa Vida on Eagle Rd near Kohls

All are welcome to come and celebrate with us.

See flyer for details.


Thursday May 26th, 5-8 PM

FREE Summer Bash sponsored by SHINE, Connections Co-Op, Bright Shining Stars Preschool, Inspired Dance and Shine Dance Fitness.

There will be bouncy houses, shaved ice, arts and crafts and more.

What a great way to finish off the school year!

Invite your friends and family and come have some FUN with us.

Details on flyer below.


May 30th- June 4th

We are sooo excited about our Summer Class Schedule. It is chalked full of amazing classes, taught by great teachers.

Classes such as: Summer HIIT, Sunrise Yoga, Water Aerobics, Running groups for all levels, Hiking, Biking, Dance and so much more.

It's RIDICULOUS how much SHINE offers in terms of variety of classes/groups, quality of instructors/members, and individualized attention for just $35.00 a month.

BRING YOUR FRIENDS TO PREVIEW WEEK AND...Let them experience all of this awesomeness for themselves.

Class Schedule will be posted soon.

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Well, let me tell you...

Here are a few last "housekeeping" items to note:

1- Remember to sign up for classes using the MindBody App- or for those who aren't able to use an App- you can use your PC and sign up there.

Classes are beginning to fill up- and there are only 15 spots available, so make sure you claim a spot BEFORE HAND if you want a spot in the class.

2- If you schedule a class through the MindBody App and then find out at the last minute you can not make it to class- you are able to "cancel" the class. If you have bought a punch card- by "cancelling" the class, you will not lose a punch in the process.

3- This is a BIG ONE...

As of May 30th- Summer Class Schedule Preview week- there will NO LONGER be child care available. This decision did not come without much thought and discussion with my Board of Directors.

Four factors went into my final decision

- I had assumed that once I offered Child Care to those moms who couldn't come otherwise, that they would come in droves...knocking down my door to get in. Umm...that didn't happen. Field of Dreams lied...I built it, yet they didn't come.

- The turnover rate for Child Care helpers has been amazingly frequent. I never knew from one day to the next if I would have someone covering the shifts. Many times Lexy had to cover at the last minute because of no show or sickness, etc. I do not have the energy nor the desire to deal with that much constant change and chaos.

- The small Child Care room I had built is just not big enough for all the moving parts and come September, Diana's preschool room will be being used Mon- Fri and will not be available to me. So I am just doing a preemptive strike on this one.

- And lastly, the bottom line does not justify the means. This particular part of SHINE not only didn't make money, it would end up each month actually costing me money. Ain't nobody got time (or budget) for that.

I apologize to anyone that may be put in a tough spot because of this decision. I hope you know I tried. In the end the cons far exceeded the pros.

6:00 AM classes may have to become your friend.

4- Please check LOST and FOUND for items that you may have left. In a few days, all that is left will be headed to DI. The lost and found is located in the bottom left corner of the white cubbies.

5- Make sure you are not parking in front of the Doctors office next door or especially in the handicapped spot. We are walking on thin ice with them anyways and they have not been happy with us at times for parking in those spots.

You can always park in the back half of the parking lot OR on the street. There are 4 spots right in front as well for the early birds. :)

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SHINE FORWARD..."We rise by lifting others"

We have an AWESOME opportunity to help someone in our community who has recently suffered a tragedy.

Mrs. Doughty, a teacher at Heritage Middle School, lost her husband and is struggling to keep things together.

She would normally teach summer school in order to help out with the family finances, but with the recent sad events, naturally she feels the need to be home for the summer with her children.

We can help her do that!

One of my all time favorite quotes is... "We cannot lift another's burdens from them, but we can lift them so that they can handle their burdens more easily."

I racked my brain as to how I could personally help "lift" her or how I could involve SHINE in helping her.

I finally landed on the idea that SHINE could offer a KIDS FITNESS CLASS for any child in the community to attend. These are so fun for everyone involved.

The cost would be $5.00 a child and EVERY PENNY would go directly to Mrs. Doughty.

Think of how much we could collect if we all did our part in not only participating in the event ourselves, but sharing, posting, e-mailing and inviting all within our circle of influence to attend as well.

We cannot lift this terrible burden from this family- but we can help lift them by helping collect enough money where Mrs. Doughty, mom, could stay home with her kids and begin to start the healing process.

We can do that!

See flyer below for details and when you see it on Facebook or Instagram...SHARE. POST.COMMENT.

This is the right thing to do.

Thank you all so much!

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SHINE PRACTICE..."Mind. Body. Spirit."

This branch of SHINE is on temporary hold for now in terms of events, etc.

But in the mean time- you can always take a yoga class from Paula on Wednesdays at 9:30 (soon to be Fridays at 6:00 AM) or Amy on Thursdays at 6:00 (soon to be Tuesdays at 8:00 AM)

Yoga is an ESSENTIAL part of creating a healthy, strong and long lasting body. If you haven't tried it...maybe you should start. :)

SHINE BRIGHT..."Knowledge Empowers"

Shine Bright is the education and information of SHINE. In essence it is HR. Ha!

We are slowly getting it up and running as well, but with all that we have to do- for now it has taken a bit of a back seat.

We have great plans for the future with classes, panels, forums, support groups, etc.


We will let you know more about things as they are decided upon.

One facet of Shine Bright that we have already started and is up and slowly jogging is the Facility Rental.

We rent part or all of the building out for various activities, events, etc such as baby showers, business meetings, Holiday parties, etc. You could even host Thanksgiving dinner this year using the preschool kitchen to prep food and the studio to set up tables and dine. FUN!

SHINE members (current unlimited membership or punch card) get a break on pricing compared to non SHINE customers.

Diana Bird is over the Facility Rental if you have questions on pricing, scheduling, etc.

Along with the idea of Facility Rental- there is always the option of having SHINE plan and host your party for you. We can also do some minimal decorations. But just know- we are NOT professional party planners...we only play that on TV.

We recently hosted a Ballerina Tea Party where 17 little girls and 1 brave boy came and danced, ate cupcakes and drank pink lemonade in cute little tea cups.

The mom rented the facility. She also wanted us to decorate, host and then provide the "Ballerina" part of the party. Boy was it fun!

We transformed the Preschool into a pink tea party fit for a princess, our very own Amy Merrill from Inspired Dance brought Tutu's for everyone and spent about 30 minutes teaching them ballet and I did my best to host the whole thing- complete with a Southern accent and lessons on manners. Mind you I really have no clue about either- but you couldn't convince 18 little dancers that.

It was great. (See pics below)

Again- talk to Diana Bird if you have any questions on our Party Package themes and pricing.

SHINE NUTRITION/ SHINE 365..."Hardcore Balance"

SHINE 365 is going strong right now with a 6 week challenge that is solely about adding in healthy habits.

We created a challenge that would help those that participated to be able to have some accountability, some support, some guidelines and a whole lot of fun.

We divided into 3 teams with each team having a team leader and 5 team members.

Then we gave the teams the daily/weekly check list that they are being asked to add into their day- things such as veggies, water, sleep, etc.

In addition to the daily check list points- they are also able to earn 25 BONUS POINTS by completing the 25 point BONUS FLASH CHALLENGE. This challenge is texted to them at some point throughout the day and when they complete it, they receive the extra points.

We have had some fun with this.

One challenge was about the physical health...45 squats.

Another day it was about mental health...Posting or sharing something positive with someone else.

Still other times it may be about our Spiritual Health.

And I will admit, that one day is was all about- "Do you think I can really get these women to do this? It's worth a try!"

Without revealing any incriminating evidence I will just say that you have NO IDEA the crazy that lies inside of these seemingly normal women at SHINE. WOW!!!

We are beginning our 3rd week tomorrow and already participants are seeing a change in their health. Some are sleeping better, some are just feeling better and some have even lost some weight (although that has NOT been the focus).

SHINE 365 is all about providing the information, support and guidelines that are needed for a healthy body.

Come and check it out! See flyer for details.

The next 6 week challenge will begin in a few weeks. Let us know if you want to be part of that. You will be glad you came aboard.

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So much going on here. I will just bullet point it and then PLEASE look through the flyers and let me know if you have questions.

  • Summer Class Schedule will be out this week.
  • Summer Class FREE PREVIEW WEEK starts May 30th
  • HIKING GROUP will meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 AM. Plan to get home between 9-9:30 AM. This is part of the unlimited monthly class package OR if you have friends who want to hike with us- they can buy a punch card and use that each week. This group has more fun than you can believe. Come hike with us!
  • WATER AEROBICS will be offered again this summer. Days and times are TBD- but just like the hiking, amazingly enough- this class is also offered in the unlimited monthly class package OR punch card. Get practicing up on your Cannon Balls!
  • BIKING GROUP will meet on Friday mornings. This groups is not your typical "biking club". This group is about strolling down the greenbelt and just enjoying ourselves at a moderate speed. We will have vehicles to transport bikes. You will just need a helmet and a water bottle. Unlimited pass OR a punch card will cover this as well!
  • Due to popular demand...There will now be 2 locations for our KIDS SUMMER FITNESS PROGRAM!! (Meridian and Eagle) THIS PROGRAM IS THE BOMB!!! (See flyers for details) I am sooo excited about this one. We will be running the program the same way as in the past with maybe just one or two changes. One change is that although all the kids will meet at the same time, when it comes time to do certain activities, we will be dividing the kids up by ages. This way the older kids can be a little rougher and do some things that normally we couldn't with the younger kids there AND the younger kids will enjoy a scaled down version of the activities. It's a win/win.
  • We will only be accepting a certain number of children in both age groups as well as both locations- so please sign up right away to reserve your space.
  • WARRIOR TRAINING (girls 10-15) A 2 hour a week program designed just for girls. We have created a program that helps teach these girls how to become warriors at this time in their life. Trying new things, gaining confidence, being kind, knowing WHO you are, healthy body image, allowing others to shine and so much more. Don't miss out on this summer program. It may be exactly what your daughter needs. (See flyer for details. Spaces are limited)
  • PICK UP BALL (boys 10-14) A 2+ hour a week program for boys. Each week we take these gentleman and introduce them to a different sport. We of course help get them in shape and then we teach them the rules of the particular sport, we run through drills that pertain to that sport and we give them the opportunity to try various positions and then...we SCRIMMAGE! or we just play. Same thing. In the past, this program has been the highlight of my summer. I LOVE working with these boys. My hopes for starting this program was to be able to allow ALL kids a chance to play ball- regardless of skill level, financial ability to participate or maybe just never having been exposed to the sport. You never know what someone is capable of until they try. We will try things such as baseball, soccer, football. As well as tennis, raquetball and kickball. We will even do things like water polo and going to the mogul park to bike ride. The possibilities are endless. Once again space is limited- so get your son signed up right away! See flyer below for details.


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PICK UP BALL (boys 10-14)

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SHINE offers all of that....

AND SO MUCH MORE! Check these out.

Details and websites for each are listed below their logo.
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Dance Camps Available all summer long

Check out for more information.
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Come and Dance your booty off with SHINE Dance Fitness

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Connecting our Youth through classes such as art, sewing, crafting and more.

All details can be found at