The information of a Robot

What is a Robot

A robot is a machine that has the ability to do different tasks, they are controlled and given commands by a computer. The word 'Robot' A man named Josef Capek was writing a play and couldn't think of a good word he was suggested by his brother with the word roboti, roboti then translated to the English word robot.

Why do we need Robots

Robots are are very helpful for people, with them around, there is no need to risk real people for dangerous things like; military use, space exploration, hazardous environments and underwater exploration.

Main Robot Components

Sensors allow the robot to get info about environment. Control systems allow the robot's behavior. Motors let the robots joints move. Effectors let the robot use its tools


Asimo is a robot that's been evolving since 2000, it was meant to be a personal assistant.

Advantages: Its lightweight, recognizes faces, gestures and sounds, inspired new work

Disadvantages: Slow(1.7mph), battery lasts an hour, only know, only walks straight paths