Que me gusta

por victoria

me gusta mucho la poesía

When bones crack and crash

An muscles burn and scream

scanning your fingers across those

Aesthetic hip bones

You wonder if it's worth it

Wonder if your hungry

People forcing you to eat the poison

Knowing you would rather die

Than be scrutinized and you look

And you look in that mirror with those broken eyes

Everyone sees her seeing her disguise

Her skin is glowing

Her bones are showing

A beautiful sister

A venerable daughter

With flawless skin

Tactful to all men

The girl in the mirror

She's ugly,divergent, big

She feels precocious

Extenuating her weight

Wanting her brain and stomach to be re-conciliated

The girl in the mirror

She slowly dies

le gustan

a mi tio carlos le gustan tacos fritos

a mi familia

a mi familia les gustan festivals.
To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

a ella no gusta intimidar por

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me gustan

me gustan citas

mucho gusta

mi mucho gusta Starbucks


no me gusta nada de comedia o el romance