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November 1, 2020

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 1, 2020, at 2:00 A.M. On Saturday evening, clocks need to “fall back” one hour.
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Homeroom Pumpkin Decorating Contest

West Campus homeroom students and staff used all their creative energy this week decorating pumpkins for winning bragging rights, as well as donuts and bagels! The winning pumpkin was Among Us from Mr.Sanders's homeroom class.

Cookie Monster - Mrs.Vlcek's Class

Wonder Woman - Ms.Petr's Class

Candy Apple - Mr.Schoenberger's Class

Breakfast Club - Mrs.Koory's Class

Congratulations to Mr.Sander's homeroom Class !!

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Courses at Westside Middle School, Westside High School, and Westside West Campus will be delivered in one of the modes listed below. The mode of delivery will be dependent upon the number of students who are approved to participate in extended campus learning, and will be determined by the school. The application will be open for 7th to 12th grade students October 27 through November 13.

  1. 100% Extended Campus Class. When possible, extended campus learners will be scheduled into a section of a course with all extended campus learners. The student will follow his/her regular schedule and log on daily at scheduled times for class. This will only happen in cases when there at least 20 extended campus students enrolled in the course.
  2. Teacher-Developed Online Class. Students will participate in a mostly online course, facilitated through Google Classroom or Blackboard. New information will be provided to students through videos, recorded slideshows, EdPuzzles, reading assignments, etc. Additionally, teachers may require students to log in to class through WebEx during specific class times, such as large groups, guest speakers, or graded discussions. At a minimum, teachers will connect “live” with extended campus students one time per week. Students will complete the same assignments as their in-class peers.
  3. WebEX Into a Live Class. Students will take a mostly live course alongside in-class peers. In these courses, students will be required to log in through WebEx daily to participate in class. Teachers will release students from class when appropriate
  4. Program-Developed Online Class (WHS/ WWC only). Some courses require hands-on experiences or pose other challenges for extended campus learning, and extended campus learners registered for these courses will be removed from the course. Students at WHS will have an option to pick up a self-contained, online elective on the Odysseyware platform to make up the credits for graduation, if needed.

  • Extended campus learning applications will be reviewed at the building level before a student is granted extended campus learning placement for second semester. Students and families may be required to attend a meeting (virtual or in person) with a building representative before placement is approved.

  • Once a family chooses a placement for the second semester, no changes will be made for the rest of the school year.

This application MUST be completed for any family planning to learn from home second semester, including those who are currently extended campus learners.

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Thanksgiving Break

Westside Community Schools will be closed November 25 - 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Classes will resume on Monday, November 30th.