steve wonder!

the life of an AMAZING artist


  • Steve Wonder was known in his day to be a the youngest artist with his outstanding album sales and his inspiring music, now he is a icon to many artist out there. steve Wonder was born with a disability he was blind but that sure did not stop him from being a amazing music making composer.he started piano lessons at six and then took up the drums at eight, for once his life was not so superstitious. when he was younger he would play music at his neighborhood church and he became a sensation to many. he was signed to a record company called Motown record, from there his amazing journey became a reality. he produced two albums on his own and those because the big ones had him winning many awards and in his whole career he has 22 Grammys. he believed that music cleanses the soul. on his what he had many many more non compering album sales and that's what makes Steve wonder amazing.
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