Fourth Grade News

For the week of May 8, 2017

Math Project

We will be creating stellated icosahedrons with the help of Mrs. Davis on Friday, May 19. We will need colored toothpicks and gum drops. Please send your donations in ASAP so I can plan accordingly. Thank you again for your support!

The Week Ahead:

Reading: We will begin reading Because of Winn-Dixie as a whole group, as the students choose their focus for note-taking. We will also begin our final round of book clubs!

Writing: Students will work on text-based persuasive writing, and will implement the fundamentals they learned about this past week (strong lead, polite tone, reasons/evidence, etc.)

Social Studies: We will continue to cooperate with partners to create a slide show about our state research.

Math: Students will begin to graph ordered pairs using the x and y coordinates. They will also continue to practice fractions and review MCAS packets.

Science: Students will be learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and be able to classify them by their characteristics.

Fidgets vs. Toys

We have been experiencing a major increase in fidget spinners, which has become a bit of a problem in the fourth grade. We have been reminding students that fidgets are meant to help them maintain focus and are not meant to be toys. Many of these fidgets have become problems in class because they are not being used successfully; therefore they end up on our desks until class is over. This week, we demonstrated appropriate vs. inappropriate use of fidgets. Please talk with your child if he or she has one of these fidgets and explain the importance of paying attention and focusing in school. Fidgets should be a tool for success; not a distraction. Our goal is for any child who believes they would benefit from a fidget to be able to access it successfully in order to enhance their experience as learners. Thank you for your support at home with this issue.

A Peek at Our Week:

Mrs. Hayes sent home her final Scholastic order forms of the year on Friday. These will be due on Friday June 2nd. Thank you!

Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Peterson