Mrs. Castine's Class

with Mrs. Wilson

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

school, which, catch, long, been, much, sing, sang, sung, bingo

Word Family: -ng (-ang, -ing, -ung)

Grammar: Similes


We will continue reading Texas stories.


We will using similes in our writing. (Texas is as big as....)


Students will represent, compare, and order numbers to 120 using place value (week two).

Science & Social Studies

We will continue learning about our great state this week. We will review the different landforms that are found around Texas, and learn about our flag/pledge and other symbols of Texas (Bluebonnet, State Motto, etc.)


Anti-Bullying--School-wide Theme Days:

Monday – eat with a buddy

Tuesday – College day

Wednesday – Crazy socks

Thursday – twins--our class will all wear our Booster-thon shirts. If you do not have one, wear a white t-shirt.

Friday – 1st grade western day--pull on your cowboy boots, jeans, bandanas, & cowboy hats(jersey day for other grade levels)

Mav Fan Jam is Friday, May 3rd at 8:15 a.m.

First grade is doing a cheer. Bring a cowbell if you have one.