This music is most commonly listed and danced to In Mexico

The Mexican culture is related to this kink of music.

History of the music

People believe it was dated back to the 19th sentry in mexico. They made this music because thy were happy and enthusiastic people that wanted to show that in their music.


  • It helped the Mexican people celebrate many great parties and holidays.
  • They use up to 6-8 violins, two trumpets, a guitar, and any instruments they want to put in the music.
  • They use this kind of music for a big party or celebration. It is a happy music and makes people want to dance.
  • You might see some band wearing a tux or some bands wear long clothing with big sombreros and bright cloth on their clothing.
  • Lucha Villa, Lola Beltran, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Jorge Negrete, Vicente Fernandez, and Juan Gabriel are some of the most famous singers of this music.

Connection to dance

  1. People usually rumba to this type of music.
  2. To do this type of dance you move your hips around, or grab a partner and it looks something like the tango.

The music today.

  1. The music is still listened to the same people today and is used the exact same way as it was when it was first originated
  2. In the future I personally think the music will stay the same because it has stayed the same for this long so why change it?