Let's Get Movin'!

Trey Baures

Vitamin D!

Vitamin D from the sunlight helps fight conditions like cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and heart attacks (Harvard)!

Being Outside!

Being outside means you'll spend less time in front of electronics and more time being active (Harvard).

Sunlight Makes a Better Mood!

Sunlight has been proven to make people's mood better and most of the time, there's more light outside (Harvard).


It has been proven that children with ADHD have better concentration, so that means go outside if you're confused (Harvard)!


People have been shown to recover faster when they are exposed to natural light (Harvard)!
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Ever feeling angry? Exercise! It has been tested that exercising relieves stress and makes you feel more relaxed afterwards (Kotz and Haupt)!


Getting exercise improves learning by establishing new connections to brain cells (Kotz and Haupt)!


Getting exercise isn't just physical, it's mental too! It keeps the brain fit (Kotz and Haupt)!


Keeping fit builds your self-esteem (Kotz and Haupt)!

Your Body!

Keeping fit improves your overall body image!