Algebra 2 - Chapter 1

Equations and Inequalities

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1.1 Types of numbers and ordering numbers
1.1 Properties
1.2 Evaluate expressions
1.2 Evaluate expressions 2

1.3 Solving equations

I only gave notes on the 'odd cases' for solving equations. We hit the basics in the course of this and it should be old news. But if you need to review the basics of solving equations (if you didn't do well on PS 11-14) then here's a playlist of more basic equations. I realize I need some even more basic steps, but it's a start.

1.3 Solve equations-clearing fractions
1.3 Solve equations-clearing decimals
1.4 Rewriting formulas and equations

I didn't do a video on 1.5.

We did various examples in class and we worked on some worksheet problems. Here's Mrs. and Ms. Roshan's video for the same section (1.5 from the same textbook).

1.6 Inequalities - Intro
1.6 Solve inequalities 1
1.6 Solve inequalities 2 (compound inequalities)
1.7 Absolute value - Intro
1.7 Solve absolute value equations
1.7 Solve absolute value inequalities

Other stuff

If you want to see the same sections from a different perspective, here's Ms. and Mrs. Roshan's playlist for the whole chapter.

If I come up with any other resources, I'll add them too. If you find anything, send me a link!