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Be With Those Who Help Your Being

Ten Steps to a Strong Start

1. Reach out to your mentor. Setup a video call or in person training to plan your business strategy. She will walk you through the beginning steps to help you get your business off to a strong start.

2. Create Your 100-Person List. This is one of the first and most important tasks to growing your business quickly. Here is a link to a template to get started. Make a copy, and save to your computer.

  • Write names and email addresses of friends and family, near and far! You can start with local friends and also add college, high school, colleagues, parents, contacts, etc. Make a BIG list of prospective hostesses, clients, and think about who you would like to link arms with in this business and invite to be on your "dream team." Think of who to invite to your first launch social and then target people out of town that you want to send samples to.
  • This list will grow to thousands of contacts, we revisit this every month and sometimes daily, so it’s important to get a good start on it.

3. Login to your Virtual Office. Bookmark: www.behindthecounter.beautycounter.com and login using your registered email address and password you selected during the consultant sign up process. We refer to this often as “BTC”. It is like your back office, filled with tools, great resources and where you’re going to place your orders. It can be overwhelming when you start out so don’t focus on it too much, you want to focus your time on people! It’s important to get started without knowing everything.

  • Update your Beautycounter Website (“PWS” – Personal Website) in Behind the Counter. Fill in all your contact info, add a picture and setup your personal social on your website. [Behind the Counter > Orders > Schedule a Social > Click “Add Me As Host” > Name Social “Rebecca’s Launch Social” > Keep Open for Entire Month > List on PWS > Do Not Send E-vites].
  • Also get a Signature set on your email. Click on this LINK and enter the passphrase “Beautycounter.”

4. Order business cards. (We love the "never list" template option). Order the cards through the Print Shop, which you will find by logging in to Behind The Counter...look for the RED Print Shop Icon on the left hand side. You can also order labels and personalized notecards through the Print Shop. (NOTE...be sure to register for the Print Shop the first time you use it). I would recommend investing in the NEVER LIST business cards and do NOT put "Consultant" as your title because it will surely change as you promote quickly!

5. Launch your business + Start Sharing. Schedule your first two launch socials and your first few 1:1 appointments (ask your mentor for details!). Send out an email sharing the news that you have started a Beautycounter business using THIS template (you will need a Mailchimp account to use this template and change to your liking and verbage! Post on Social Media that you have joined Beautycounter - share WHY and make it personal and passionate. It's always wonderful to share something like the "We All Deserve Better Video" and a link to your personal website.

Now is also a good time to get a "loaner kit" started. Read more about Loaner Kits HERE.

Because we are a lot of content as a brand, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin don't wait to start talking about it!

Start with the 1-2-3-4:

1 - Craft and be able to articulate your "Why"

2 - Pick 2 statistics to memorize

3 - Pick 3 of your favorite products and get comfortable talking about them

4 - Share the 4 ways to involved: as a client, as a Band of Beauty Member, as a hostess, and of course, as a consultant.

The rest you will learn. Remember, every single consultant in this business starts out exactly where you are now. No one begins as an expert!

6. Start the Online Training. Our Training Program is called "Counter Intelligence" and can be found in Behind the Counter, under the Training tab. Start with the Consultant Fundamentals.

...Print off your favorite resources that you find online. Invest in a binder...its a great way to stay organized and have your favorite resources on hand. HERE is a link to a full folder of ALL documents you can print for a binder.

...Be sure to subscribe to the BC YouTube & Vimeo Channels! https://www.youtube.com/user/BeautycounterHQ


LISTEN...We have so many great training and opportunity calls happening on a weekly basis. New consultant training calls, as well as training calls on selling, recruiting, health/safety and more are scheduled by Beautycounter HQ on a weekly basis (check the weekly consultant newsletter that arrives via email every Tuesday for the next call information). You can also listen to some archived calls by logging into Behind the Counter then click on Calls - here is a New Consultant Training Call that was recently led in March by our Director of Training LeeAnn Ruff:

New Consultant Call

Also, we recently held a "Tips from the Top" call series that we HIGHLY recommend listening to when you can. Here is who to access the call recordings:

Selling Tips, call 641-715-3589, access code: 777440 and then use reference numbers 13#, 18#, 20# (use reference numbers independently for 3 separate calls)

Recruiting Tips, call 641-715-3589, access code: 777440 and then use reference numbers 14#, 15#, 17# (use reference numbers independently for 3 separate calls)

7. Order Samples. Behind the Counter you have access to ordering samples, they come in sets of 5 of each in the Nourishing and Rejuvenating lines and they cost approximately $5 per pack so don’t pass them out like candy. They are great for prospects (both customers and potential team members) that are out of town and interested, they look professional and provide 4-5 days of use of the products but you MUST be intentional about your followup when you send out samples. (Tip: Use Face Kits for local prospects and Samples specifically for people out of town!). To find them, type in “samples” when placing a Personal Order. I would also recommend you purchase a pack of Essentials Tip Cards, Countertime Tip Cards, Intro to Beautycounter Tri-Fold and the Beautycounter Safe Living Tip Cards to include with Samples and Loaner/Face Kits. Lastly, I would strongly suggest purchasing Tint Skin, Dew Skin and our Touchup Pen Concealer in your matching shades at a minimum. These products are all best-sellers and will be a cornerstone of your business along with the products contained in the Enrollment packages. You will be able to make samples of them yourself as well.

8. Get engaged on Social Media. This has been a great tool for people to grow their business and sustain a community.

  • Create a Public Facebook Group (not a page), don’t add anyone to it until it’s completely setup. Name it “Beautycounter by Rebecca” or " Better Beauty by Rebecca" for example. Feel free to mirror efforts from your Managing Director - Louise McCown's Group Page. Add anyone and everyone once you've set it up – remember NEVER assume that someone would not be interested, let them decide for themselves.
  • Moving forward keep posts to 1 per day at MOST as to not overwhelm your contacts and I think it's a great forum to share other healthy living tips interspersed with Beautycounter posts.

9. Review your 100-Person List & Reach back out to your Mentor. Having consistent communication with your Mentor (particularly within your first 30 days!) will have a profound impact on your business. Now that you've been able to do some of the training go back to your 100- person List. Can you add to it? Get conversations started with the people on your list. The best thing you can do now is to get in to business building activity and start conversations sharing the Beautycounter mission. Don't forget to ask for help - that's why we're here!

10. Have fun. Beautycounter is different from every other company out there. We hold ourselves to a high standard and education is ALWAYS important to us, this a movement in the industry and we want to tell everyone that. Stay positive, never speak disparagingly of another company and always remember your “why”. Be true to yourself and genuine and authentic when sharing our mission and you will go far! Reach out to your mentor, upline Director and team anytime you need them! We are here to support you!


Our fantastic compensation plan is our best reward, but we know incentives are fun too! See below for the great incentives you can earn during your first three months as a new consultant. All of these files can be found Behind the Counter in the Training section. You can also always track your Start Counting progress BTC under the "Performance" tab.

A Few Favorite Resources

We All Deserve Better Video


Founder Gregg Renfrew Interview


The Nantucket Project


Opportunity Call with Gregg Renfrew


What is a B Corp?


Healthy Living App from Environmental Working Group

http://bit.ly/1jtfvqY (for iPhone)

http://bit.ly/1l7Jxo5 (for Android)

Join the Beautycounter Corporate Facebook Page and the pages of our three Trusted Non-Profits: Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the Breast Cancer Fund for good information and updates.

Beautycounter Events across the country:

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