Temperate Forest

By: Lauren Van Helden


The producers are the plants that produce food for the animals. One of the producers in the temperate forest is the purple trillium. It is a flower and allows the herbivores to have food. Another producer is the spring beauties. The last one is the trillium. All these plants allow for the animals to have food.


The consumers are the organisms and animals that eat the food that is provided by the plants. One of the consumers is the red panda. Another one is the black bear. The black bear is at the top of the food chain. The last consumer is the snow leopards, they look cute but they are pretty rough.

Climate in the Temperate Forest

In the temperate forest there is a wide range of temperatures. In the summer the high that it can get to is 86 degrees farenheit. In the winter it can get to a low temperature of -22 degrees farenheit. Each year there is usually 20-60 inches of precipitation in the temperate forest. The precipitation is usually in forms of rain and snow.

Questions and Answers

What is the issue? The issue is that a lot of people don’t know but they are getting a lot of their resources from the temperate forests. In the future the only large areas of temperate forest will be in national parks and sanctuaries.

Why should we be concerned? We should be concerned because we are taking down some animal’s habitats and we are killing species of animals. Soon the temperate forests could be gone.

What is the impact? The impact is that the animals are dying and running out of places to live.

Where is this occurring? This is occurring in all of the temperate forests and probably ALL forests.

What human activity is the cause? We are cutting down trees, littering, and taking away some of the animals food. We are also building on their habitats. And to build a house sometimes you have to knock stuff down. So we are knocking down some of their habitats.

What populations are affected? A lot of the animal populations are being affected by this, because some animals are dying; so they are going down in population.

What is a possible solution/recommendation for the future? A solution if for the humans to stop building houses in forests, to stop cutting down trees, and stop littering.