come to the White River

you will love it

how long is it?

The White river is 362 miles (583 km)

Whitey the white river monster

I'm sure most of you have heard of whitey the white river monster! Some say that he is 20 feet long and has spikes all all along his back, and some say he is as wide as 13 cars lined up and a horn taller and wider than a mustard tree! The legend of Whitey is one of the most mysterious mysteries in Arkansas history!

The flood of 1927

The flood of 1927 was one of the most destructive and costly flood in Arkansas history. And one of the worst in the history of the nation it afflicted Arkansas with a greater amount of deveistation both human and monotary then other states in the missippi river valley.It had Social and Political ramifacations witch changed the way Arkansas as well as the nation viewed relief from natural disasters
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